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Stand out in the market with customized and on-trend products from a top activewear manufacturer in Los Angeles

Welcome to ARGYLE Haus of Apparel, your trusted partner and activewear manufacturer. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, our state-of-the-art apparel factory specializes in crafting top-tier athletic wear for both established brands and emerging businesses. With a proven track record of delivering quality, innovation, and efficiency, we’re the ideal choice to bring your athletic wear vision to life. Our experienced team thrives on challenges, turning concepts into premium products that stand out in the competitive market. Explore the limitless possibilities of partnering with us, where exceptional quality meets unbeatable value. Elevate your brand and production capabilities with us.

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As a Leading Activewear Manufacturer, Our Expert Services Include

Product development

From initial design to prototyping and sample making, we’ll work with you to create the perfect activewear products for your brand.


Using advanced production techniques and the highest-quality materials, we’ll produce your activewear products in bulk, ensuring consistency and quality in every piece.


We’ll help you create and implement your unique branding, including custom labels, packaging, and hangtags.


We’ll assist you in sourcing the best materials and components for your products, including fabrics, trims, and hardware.

Quality control

We inspect and test all products at every stage of production to ensure they meet our high standards before shipping to customers.

Minimum order quantities

We offer relatively low minimum order quantities, (MOQs) starting at 300 pieces per style.  Meeting our MOQs will provide the best production pricing.

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with design and development capabilities

Whether you’re into activewear, sportswear, or athletic wear, we’ve got your production needs fully covered with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Made in the USA | Fine Quality

Activewear, Sportswear, and athletic wear are often used interchangeably, but they serve distinct purposes in the world of apparel:

1. Activewear: Activewear is a versatile category that encompasses clothing suitable for various physical activities, including yoga, running, and gym workouts. Activewear is designed to offer comfort, flexibility, and moisture-wicking properties, making it ideal for active lifestyles. It combines style and functionality, allowing individuals to seamlessly transition from exercise to everyday wear.

2. Sportswear: Sportswear refers to clothing designed primarily for sports activities. It includes uniforms worn by athletes during games or competitions, such as soccer jerseys or basketball uniforms. Sportswear is specifically tailored for the requirements of particular sports and is often associated with professional and team sports.

3. Athletic Wear: Athletic wear is a broader term that includes both sportswear and activewear. It encompasses clothing and footwear designed for sports, fitness, and other physically demanding activities. Athletic wear prioritizes performance-enhancing features while considering fashion trends. This category caters to a wide range of activities and can include everything from running shorts to sports bras and cross-training shoes.

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Some activewear manufacturers may specialize in certain types of products, such as yoga pants or sports bras, while others may have a broader range of capabilities and be able to produce a variety of different types of activewear.
Many activewear manufacturers have a minimum order quantity that must be met before they will begin production. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and is something that brands should be aware of when evaluating potential partners.
The lead time for production can vary depending on the complexity of the products and the current workload of the manufacturer. Brands should be sure to ask about lead times upfront and ensure that they align with their own production schedule.
Pricing for activewear manufacturing can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and the type of products being produced. Some manufacturers may charge by the unit, while others may have a flat rate for a specific order. Brands should be sure to ask about pricing upfront and ensure that it aligns with their own budget.
Quality control is critical when it comes to activewear manufacturing. Brands should be sure to ask about the manufacturer's quality control process, including how products are inspected and tested, and what measures are taken to ensure consistency and quality in every product.