Clothing Development Services & Pricing

Our clothing development services are aimed to get your clothing designs ready for full scale production.  Our clothing development pricing structure is based on the overall complexity of each individual garment.  Prices are broken down into 3 categories Basic, Designer, and Couture and the pricing is based on the total project (we do not bill hourly).  Below is our pricing chart with reference to general garment complexity.


$ 2000 Per Item
  • Basics (Tees & Tanks)
  • Panties/Underwear
  • Children's Clothing


$ 3000 Per Item
  • Swimwear
  • Athletic wear
  • Streetwear


$ 4000 Per Item
  • Bras & Corsets
  • Formal Dresses
  • Coats & Jackets

Our clothing development services process

Patternmaking: Patternmaking is the process of creating templates or patterns based on your design specifications. Our in-house patternmakers work with your technical design flats (or CAD files) to draft the first patterns for each garment component.  Based on the garment complexity, the pattern files may include anywhere from 5 to 15+ pattern parts.  This includes the front and back pieces, sleeves, collars, and any additional details you may have in your designs. Using these patterns, they determine the shape, size, and proportions of each piece. Patternmaking requires precision and expertise to ensure that the garments will fit well and be aesthetically pleasing. Pattern making can be best described as the process of developing templates or blueprints that guide the construction of a garment. It involves translating a designer’s vision into a tangible form that considers both aesthetics and functionality. Patterns serve as the roadmap for cutting fabric pieces and assembling them into a garment that will ultimately drape beautifully on the human body.

clothing development services
Clothing sample sewing

Sample Sewing: After the patterns are finalized, the first sample garments will be produced. These samples serve as physical prototypes of the designs, allowing the us to assess the fit, construction, and overall appearance of the garments. Sample production involves cutting fabric according to the patterns, assembling the pieces, and sewing them together. Skilled garment technicians or sample makers carry out this process in our Los Angeles facility, paying close attention to the construction techniques and ensuring that the samples match the your specifications. Sample sewing is a crucial step in the garment manufacturing process. It involves the creation of prototype garments known as samples, which serve as a visual representation of the designer’s vision and enable the evaluation of design elements, fit, and functionality before mass production begins. Sample sewing requires skill, precision, and attention to detail to ensure that the final product meets the desired standards.

Fit Testing & Revisions: Once the first samples are ready, it is time for the fit test. A fit test is a crucial step in the clothing development process where a prototype or sample garment is evaluated to assess its form, fit, construction, comfort, and overall appearance. It involves meticulous examination and assessment of the garment’s dimensions, proportions, and functionality when worn by a real person. Fit tests typically involve using live fit models that best represent your target consumers body shape and size.  In order to achieve the best fit, we help you obtain size specs from at the top of the pattern making process.

Once the fit test is completed, we gather all the fit notes per garment and will revisit the original patterns. We will proceed to and make all the required (and requested) edits and modifications to the pattern files.  All adjustments and modifications are made and the process may go through multiple iterations until the you are satisfied with the final samples fit.

Los Angeles clothing manufacturers

Tech Pack & Production Sample: Once you have approved the final sample, we will proceed to create a tech pack of each garment. A garment tech pack is a detailed document that contains all the necessary information and specifications for producing a garment. Its serves as the official instructional manual such that any factory, anywhere in the world, would be able to reproduce your items. It includes technical drawings, measurements, construction details, fabric information, sewing methods and machinery used, and other relevant instructions that help manufacturers to produce the garment accurately and efficiently.  After the completion of the clothing development services, you will be ready for full scale clothing manufacturing. You may stay with ARGYLE Haus for manufacturing or search for other manufacturers. Manufacturers use the approved patterns and samples as references to ensure consistency in the final production.

All our clothing development services are conducted in our Los Angeles factory and facilities.