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What is a Tech Pack? And when do you need one?

Tech packs, also known as specification sheets or technical specifications, are essential documents in the clothing manufacturing process. They contain all the necessary details about a specific garment, from measurements and materials to construction and finishing techniques. Tech packs provide a clear and comprehensive roadmap for a clothing manufacturer to follow, ensuring that the final product meets the designer’s vision and the customer’s expectations.

A tech pack will be completed after the patterns completed and samples are approved. The tech pack will serve as the official instructional manual for the garment, such that any factory would be able to produce the garment anywhere in the world.

In the fashion industry, every detail matters. The right cut, fabric, and stitching can make all the difference between a beautiful garment and a mediocre one. Tech packs help clothing manufacturers achieve the designer’s vision by providing detailed instructions on how to create each garment. They contain a range of information, including:


    Elements Required in a Tech Pack


      • Technical Drawings: These include detailed sketches of the garment from different angles, with measurements and construction details.

      • Bill of Materials: A list of all the materials needed to create the garment, including the type of fabric, buttons, zippers, and any other necessary components.

      • Graded Measurement Charts: These charts show the size range for the garment, with measurements for each size.

      • Construction Details: This section outlines the specific construction techniques that should be used to create the garment, such as seam allowances and finishing techniques.

      • Sewing & Stitch Instructions: This section will detail what machinery and stitches are required to manufacture the garment.

      • Color and Trim Details: This section includes information about the colors used in the garment, as well as any trims, labels, or other embellishments.

    Tech packs are important for several reasons. Firstly, they ensure that the garment is produced to the designer’s specifications. This is especially important when working with manufacturers overseas, where language barriers and cultural differences can make communication difficult. Tech packs provide a universal language that manufacturers can follow, ensuring consistency across different factories and production runs.

    Secondly, tech packs help reduce the risk of errors and miscommunication. By providing clear and detailed instructions, designers can minimize the chance of mistakes or misunderstandings, which can lead to costly delays or quality issues.

    Finally, tech packs are a valuable tool for designers to communicate their vision to manufacturers. By providing detailed sketches, measurements, and construction details, designers can ensure that their vision is realized in the final product.

    Creating a tech pack can be a time-consuming process, but it is well worth the effort. Many designers hire technical designers or production managers to create tech packs for them, as these professionals have experience and expertise in garment construction and can ensure that the tech pack is comprehensive and accurate.

    In conclusion, tech packs are an essential tool in clothing manufacturing. They provide detailed instructions on how to create a garment, ensuring that it meets the designer’s vision and the customer’s expectations. Tech packs reduce the risk of errors and miscommunication, making the manufacturing process more efficient and cost-effective. If you’re a fashion designer, investing in a high-quality tech pack is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.


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